SeaWorld Gold Coast Ticket Prices, Resort, Opening hours Australia & Rides

seaworld gold coast ticket prices australia rides

Sea World is one of Australia’s best marine animal parks and is located on the Gold Coast in Queensland. You can have nice activities and rides in the park with your family or friends. In this article, you can read information such as SeaWorld Gold Coast ticket prices, rides, Australia resort, opening hours, whale watching, swimming with dolphins, carnivale and entry fees.

sea world australia rides

SeaWorld Marine Park Gold Coast Australia Attractions

SeaWorld Marine Park has 47 different attractions. If we consider them under main headings;

  • Exhibits
  • Shows & Presentations
  • Rides & Precincts
  • Animal Adventures

Sea World Exhibits

Exhibitions at the SeaWorld Marine Park Penguin Encounter, Penguin Point, Polar Bear Shores, Ray Reef, Sandy Shores Lagoon, Sea Jellies Illuminated, Seal Harbour exhibit, Shark Bay and Seabird Rehabilitation Aviary

Penguin Encounter

sea world Penguin encounter

Gentoo and King Penguins welcome visitors at the Closed Penguin Exhibit. You can learn about the lives of penguins and have the opportunity to see them closer.

Penguin Point

australia sea world Penguin encounter ticket price

You can see the little Penguins up close. So watch them dive, swim and play.

Polar Bear Shores

sea world gold coast bear

You can see the only polar bears in Australia in this exhibit. Underwater Viewing Area in the large exhibit area.

Ray Reef

You can see interesting sea creatures up close and touch them.

Sea Jellies Illuminated

sea world australia Sea Jellies Illuminated

In this region, you can get detailed information about sea jellies and have the opportunity to examine these creatures.

Seal Harbour exhibit

You can see seals playing in this exhibition of the Sea World. also, you can get detailed information about sea lions.

SeaWorld Shows & Presentations

These shows and presentations are Summer Santa, Shimmer and Shine, Affinity Dolphin, PAW Patrol on Holiday, Penguin Feeding, Ray Reef, Thunder Lake Stunt Show, Nickelodeon Character Meet and Greet, Seal Guardians Behind the Scenes Presentation and Turtle Power Live Show!

 Summer Santa (Meet Santa)

sea world australia santa

The Christmas fair is held in the Sea World and children meet with Santa. Get into the Christmas spirit with a nice visit from Sunday 13 December through to Thursday 22 December, 2020

Affinity Dolphin

sea world gold coast dolphin swim

Discover the strong bond formed between these amazing creatures and humans. Eye catching dolphin shows will excite you.

SeaWorld Rides & Precincts

SeaWorld Australia has 16 different Rides & Precincts. These: Boots’ Banana Boogie, Castaway Bay Battle Boats, Castaway Bay Sky Climb, Castaway Bay Sky Fortress, Donatello’s Ninja Flyers, Patrick’s Jellyfish Frenzy, SpongeBob’s Boating School Blast, Dora’s Fiesta Carousel, Jet Rescue Coaster, Nickelodeon Land, Storm Coaster, The Reef at Castaway Bay, Castaway Bay, The New Atlantis and Vortex.

Storm Coaster

sea world australia rides

Get ready to face a 20 meter wave with the Storm Coaster. Reach a speed of 70 km / h in stormy weather.

The New Atlantis

sea world australia new atlantis

Built upon the heroes and legends of the Old Atlantis, coming soon to Sea World. you will get enough of fun in New Atlantis.

SeaWorld Animal Adventures

SeaWorld Australia has 12 different Animal Adventures. These Adventures are Dolphin Couple Adventure, Behind The Scenes Polar Bear Shores, Shark Bay Glass Bottom Boat, Dolphin Deep Water Adventure, Penguin Antarctic Adventure, Seal Aqua Adventure, Dolphin Family Adventure, Shark Bay Discovery, Seal Encounter, Marine Rescue Ranger, Tropical Reef Snorkel and Meet the Dolphin.

Dolphin Couple Adventure

sea world Affinity dolphin

Enjoy a private experience for two participants and interact with of Sea World’s cute dolphins with a trainer. However, learn about these beautiful dolphins as they demonstrate amazing skills in a 45-minute encounter, with approximately 20 minutes in the water.

Shark Bay Glass Bottom Boat

sea world Shark Bay Glass Bottom Boat

Take a 10-minute cruise over the shark lagoon under the guidance of a Marine Training Officer. Tours run every 30 minutes between 10:30am and 4:00pm.

Shark Bay Discovery

You’ll come face to face with dangerous sharks when you enter the acrylic cage in Shark Bay’s Shark Lagoon. Program duration is with approximately 20 minutes in the cage and 20 minutes in the reef pool.

 Sea World Opening Hours

SeaWorld Opening times are below:

Gate open hours

  • Opening hours: 09:30 AM
  • Closing hours : 05:00 PM

Attraction hours

  • Opening hours : 10:00 AM
  • Closing hours : 05:00 PM

SeaWorld Australia is open every day of the week.

SeaWorld Carnivale

Sea World carnivale opens its doors to its visitors.
This carnivale includes Aquacolour Spectacular, Delicious Flavors, Exotic Rhythms, 5 Rides & Precincts and 4 Exhibits.

Sea World Resort Gold Coast

Sea World Gold Coast Resort & Water Park Gold Coast is Australia’s only theme park facility. One of the best family resorts in Queensland.

Sea World Map

sea world gold coast australia map
Click to view large size map

You can learn about Sea World settlement on the map below.

SeaWorld Gold Coast Ticket Prices

How much is a day pass for SeaWorld Australia?

Adult entrance fee:

  • SeaWorld Gold Coast 1 Day Entry ticket price at the gate: 99 $
  • SeaWorld Gold Coast online discounted ticket price: 89 $

Child (3-13) and pensioner entrance fees:

  • Gate Price: 89 $
  • Online price: 79 $
  • Seal Encounter ticket price: 89 $
  • Behind the Scenes Polar Bear Shores ticket price: 99 $
  • Meet the Dolphin ticket price: 169 $
  • Dolphin Couple Adventure ticket price: 649 $
  • Dolphin Family Adventure ticket price: 769 $
  • Penguin Antarctic Adventure entrance fees: 139 $
  • Tropical Reef Snorkel ticket price: 79 $
  • Dolphin Deep Water Adventure ticket price: 259 $
  • Shark Bay Discovery ticket price: 229 $
  • Seal Aqua Adventure ticket price: 169 $
  • Marine Rescue Ranger ticket price: 129 $

SeaWorld discounted pass ticket

Locals – 12 month entrance fees from the 1st visit:
(SeaWorld, Entry to Wet’n’Wild, Warner Bros. Movie World and Paradise Country. It is also used as an entrance ticket to the Sea World Carnivale.)

  • Gate Price : 169 $
  • Online price: 159 $

12 month entrance fees from the 1st visit:
(SeaWorld, Entry to Wet’n’Wild, Warner Bros. Movie World and Paradise Country.)

  • Gate Price : 240 $
  • Online price: 230 $

Entrance fees to 3 parks for 3 Consecutive days:
(SeaWorld, Entry to Wet’n’Wild, Warner Bros and Movie World)

  • Gate Price : 148 $
  • Online price: 139 $

Entrance fees to 4 parks for 14 Consecutive days:
(SeaWorld, Entry to Wet’n’Wild, Warner Bros. Movie World and Paradise Country.)

  • Gate Price : 209 $
  • Discount online price: 189 $

Entrance fees to 3 parks for 7 Consecutive days:
(SeaWorld, Entry to Wet’n’Wild, Warner Bros and Movie World.)

  • Gate Price : 169 $
  • Discount online price: 159 $

*SeaWorld tickets are cheaper online.

How do you get to Sea World?

sea world australia Penguin

You can reach to SeaWorld by using the Gold Coast public buses. Click to see the location on the map.

Sea World Adress: Seaworld Drive, Main Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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